Believing in my potential

residential services

MyLife Residential Services provide innovative support to all individuals who need us. Our personalised approach is about giving people the best possible support to live the way they want to.

feel proud of home

Our Residential Services are based in high quality buildings with lots of space to create a comfortable home for people who come to live with us. We want people to feel at home and be proud to live there.

understanding individuals

We do this through making sure we understand each person and how they engage with themselves, those closest to them and with the community. It’s about giving people the opportunity to decide who supports them, in a way they choose and at times that fits, whether through employment, education, leisure or support at home.

consistent and thoughtful

MyLife do things in a consistent, creative and thoughtful way. Our support is flexible, innovative and carefully tailored to the needs and wishes of the individual and those close to them. Our services are focused on supporting people to be as independent as possible within their home and in their local community.

enablement technology

Our personalised support is supplemented by state-of-the-art enablement technology. We introduce easy-to-use digital tools that have been developed specifically for your needs, to help accommodate practical and independent living.