Hartlepool learning disability welcomes first resident

The first service user has been welcomed into one of four specially-designed bungalows in Hartlepool for adults with learning disabilities.

MyLife, will provide round-the-clock therapeutic care to support people with complex needs and autism to live semi-independently in the community.

The service user is a local 19-year-old who has learning disabilities, and for some months MyLife staff have been supporting him within the community before he moved into a bungalow during the first week of September.

The teenager is now being assisted by two carers who help structure his day-to-day activities, develop his social skills and most importantly help him to engage with the local community.

His mother said: “From the second I walked into the bungalow, I knew it would be right place for Connor – and more importantly so did he. From the start, he called it ‘home’.

“Since he moved in a few weeks ago, I’ve seen him grow up so much. I know that if anything happens to me, Connor’s safe and in a happy place.”

The service, based in Burbank, was previously named Mariner Care. But in March the service was fully acquired by healthcare operator Montreux so that it could be wholly managed by Montreux’s specialist management team advised by internationally renowned learning disabilities expert Professor Barry Carpenter OBE.

In addition to assisting people moving from the family home MyLife aims to meet a national requirement for people with learning disabilities and autism to move from inappropriate and unsuitable environments – including hospitals – and where more support was needed.

The service will be underpinned by a ‘Six Pillars’ therapeutic approach consisting of providing “pillars” of transformation, quality housing, personalised care, wellbeing, evidence-based practice, and engaged living to service users.

Professor Carpenter said: “Montreux’s acquisition of what was Mariner Care was a vital - and needed - development for the service.

“Re-named MyLife, it means the service is wholly co-ordinated by an experienced and respected care management operator. Ultimately, every MyLife service user will reap the benefit of this.”

MyLife’s chief operating officer, Gary Laville, has strong local connections as his first post as a residential manager was at Hartlepool.

He said: “It’s wonderful that we’ve been able to welcome our first resident and we look forward to working with him.”

“As was always the vision, MyLife is now on course to be a state-of-the-art residential support service for vulnerable adults in Hartlepool, which I know from personal experience has always been at the forefront of developing new approaches.

“MyLife is underpinned by evidence and practice, and we are confident our team can support service users to have a happier and healthier life.”