our ethos

At MyLife we recognise that everyone is an individual and we develop care and support to reflect this. Our six pillars of engagement are central to our ethos. It might sound like industry jargon but this research driven, holistic approach means we support the whole person and their community, not just a need.

reframing and system transformation

Sounds complicated but it’s simple really. We take care sector practice and put a fresh spin on it. But only if it will make it better. Just making the wheel more effective!

quality housing

Working together to create comfortable, aspirational homes tailored to the unique lifestyle of every individual we work with. A MyLife home inspires and supports independent living.


Putting the people we work with in the driving seat. Our individually centred support starts with you and your choices for every aspect of life.

social, emotional and mental wellbeing

Building confidence, improving skills and increasing abilities to support and empower the whole person to live life their way.

evidence based practice

Embedding research into the heart and soul of our service for continual improvement.

engaged living

Person centred can feel a bit lonely. We help people know they are there and encourage them to engage with those around them.